Letter from a current student at Wheaton College

I am so grateful you are coming to Wheaton College! I only wish that me and my partner could march openly with you! We have been together for almost two years and plan to get married following my graduation. I am not out at school, as I would not be able to get my degree as a woman openly committed to another woman.

How did I end up being who I am at Wheaton? Well, I started school here just realizing my attraction to women and just starting to question the traditional beliefs I have always held. It has been a very difficult road for me, but I strongly that God wants me to be at Wheaton College and that it is for a purpose. I also believe that God has brought me and my fiance together and has blessed our relationship time upon time.

Unfortunately, most of the discussion about homosexuality here is very abstract, judgmental, or well-meaning but ignorant of the reality of who we are as GLBT people. However, please know when you come that many, many people here have very big hearts. I believe that most are just scared, either of their own sexuality, and/or of the implications of questioning traditional interpretations of scripture. I don’t think that most of them have any idea how unsafe and unwelcome GLBT people feel here.

I will be praying for all of you and for all of Wheaton College during those three days when you come-

Anonymous (for now)