Lynchburg 2003 – Photo Album 4

Karen and Susanne receive blessing from Jimmy Creech and Pam Defusco

Susanne and Karen kiss!

Michael and Carolyn Glass kiss as Jimmy looks and Aaron sleeps

Gina, Beth, and their son Sam – this whole thing made possible by Gina and all her efforts to see it happen!

Beth and Gina share a kiss after having their family blessed

Bob and Connie Bradford from Virginia Beach

Dennis and Richard with Momma Lu

Communications Director, Laura Montgomery Rutt, speaks with Mel White

Jimmy Creech and Rev. Pam Defusco signing Blessing Certificates

Collen and Terri celebrate their blessing

Jimmy Creech and Pam DeFusco get ready to bestow blessings

Virginia Melloncott and partner kiss

Stephen and Jose, their first Soulforce action

A wonderful family from Lynchburg

Waiting for a blessing

Jimmy and Pam

Deb and Dixie

Sandy – all the way from Hawaii!