Maggie Heineman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am Maggie Heineman. My daughter is a lesbian. My grandson has two mommies. I have been a gayrights activist sicne 1990 and a gayrights cyberactivist since 1995. I am coming to Lynchburg because I believe in dialogue. I believe in the soulforce principles. I have been dialoging across the divide since 1996. An exgay man and I founded the cyberspace initiative "Bridges Across the Divide." My exgay ministry friends now include Alan Chambers who has been the MC at Exodus conferences for five years, Tom Cole whose family was featured in one of the ex-gay TV ads, Gene Chase who is the listowner and webmaster for Exodus International, and Randy Thomas, with whom I am doing a website "Walking on the Waterline" which discusses the SoulForce Principles and the Lynchburg event.

Bridges Across the Divide

Walking on the Waterline