Master’s College

Name: The Master’s College
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Religious Affiliation: No Official Denominational Affiliation or Religious Affiliation
Enrollment: 1,000
Senior College Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Concerning GLBT Equality:

The Master’s College 2005-06 student handbook does not mention homosexuality. However the catalog includes a Biblical Counceling class that includes homosexuality among a list of "counseling problems" such as anger, fear, depression, anxiety, and child abuse.

BC521, 522 Problems & Procedures I, II (3, 2)
This course is designed to apply the biblical principles taught in the Introduction to Biblical Counseling (BC501) and the Methods of Biblical Change (BC503) courses to a range of specific counseling problems. Topics discussed include anger, fear, depression, homosexuality, anxiety, eating disorders, incest, child abuse, counseling youth, counseling divorcees and crisis counseling. During the second semester of this course, each student will research and present to the class a detailed biblical counseling outline for a teacher-approved counseling issue.

The Master’s College student handbook can be viewed as a PDF here.

The Master’s College catalog can be viewed as a PDF here.

The president of The Master’s College is John MacArthur. In an April 13, 2006 interview with Larry King Live, MacArthur made strong anti-gay statements.

MACARTHUR: Yes I don’t think that reflects a biblical view at all. The Bible is crystal clear, homosexuality is a sin and anybody who lives that kind of lifestyle will not enter the kingdom of God.

KING: Even if you didn’t choose it, even if it was shown to you that it was genes? No? You wouldn’t buy it.

MACARTHUR: It’s not genetic, you choose it.

KING: How do you know?

MACARTHUR: Because it’s a sin. It’s categorized by God himself.

KING: So you have an answer that medical science doesn’t know? Still being studied?

MACARTHUR: If medical science says it’s genetic, then they need to read what the scripture says.

KING: Do you know why someone would choose it?

MACARTHUR: Well I think there are all kinds of psychological reasons why you might do it. Something as simple as your first sexual experience you get gratification, it’s easy, it comes easily. I do think that with regard to the priesthood, that this is one of the tragedies that occurs in that kind of environment in celibacy. But no matter what are you say, it is defined in the Bible as a sin for which God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, for which people are kept out of the kingdom, until it’s repented of and trust in Jesus Christ is…

KING: … You think — what would Jesus Christ do with a gay person? Do you think he’d hug him, hold him, care for him, love him?

MACARTHUR: I do not think that they are all children of God.

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