Milwaukee – Photo Album 1

"Soulforce ad-hoc choir" sings outside ELCA Churchwide Assembly

Soulforce volunteers gather in prayer inside the convention center

Banners from the vigil outside the convention center

Phil Reitan and Jeannie Graetz inside the walkway leading to the convention center

Randi Reitan hugging unidentified person holding a picture of her son, Jake

Jim and Steve, couple of the month! Steve co-chaired and Jim made all the t-shirts and buttons!

Bill Carpenter, Karen Ball, Anita Hill, Karen Weldin, and Jane Ralph walking and talking

From left to right, Soulforce/ELCA action co-chairs Steven, Jeanine, Mari, Karen, and Jeff (missing co-chair: Greg)

Pictures of GLBT Lutherans and other who have been hurt by ELCA anti-gay policies

JD Sebastian strums his guitar

Karen Weldin engaged in dialogue with anti-gay protestor outside Assembly