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Write Web Letters to Dobson – Let your voice be heard by writing a letter to be delivered on May 2. Join 1000+ people in Colorado Springs.

People from all over the world now have the opportunity to let their voice be heard by sending a letter via the web to James Dobson, letting him know how his anti-gay rhetoric hurts their families.

Letters written through the web will be put in a bin to be delivered to Focus on the Family World Headquarters on May 2, the day after over 1000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGTB) individuals, couples, families, and heterosexual allies will converge on the headquarters of James Dobson and Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs to hold a picnic and rally on May 1.

The 2 day long event is being called "MAYDAY MAYDAY", an international distress signal and cry for help. A collective MAYDAY will be sent out through our letters and our presence to challenge the misinformation about LGBT people that flows to millions of people daily through James Dobson’s radio broadcast, website, e-mail alerts, video, audio, and print materials.

Although Soulforce has requested four times to meet with Dobson and join the picnic so he can "see" the families who are hurt by his rhetoric, he has ignored all requests. But, when over 1000 individuals, hundreds of people representing a myriad of churches and organizations, and dozens of TV cameras and newspaper reporters show up from around the globe, he will no longer be able to ignore the truth. And when a crowd shows up the next day on May 2, he will have to make an important decision. Dobson’s moral dilemma is this: Does he let Soulforce supporters in to Focus on the Family building to deliver the letters and mingle with staff, or does he lock out the crowd of individuals, couples, families, and allies?

If he refuses to let Soulforce supporters enter, a prayerful vigil on the front lawn of Focus on the Family in the spirit of nonviolence will ensue, upon which he must decide whether to let the demonstration continue, or call for everyone’s arrest. No matter what he decides, TV cameras will all be focused on LGBT people, their allies, and supportive clergy that are standing up (or actually sitting down) in the face of his oppressive rhetoric.

Activities on May 1 include nonviolent trainings, and a picnic, press conference, and rally in the park right outside the entrance to Focus on the Family, with banners, signs, and pictures of our loved ones for all the world to see that it is love and commitment that make a family!

On Monday, May 2, another training and the "family intervention" direct action will take place.

Please write to Dobson, and make plans to be there. You will not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to stand up against oppression and show that love, caring, compassion, and commitment are what makes a family.

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"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." – Gandhi