Out and About in Lynchburg

Out and About in Lynchburg The first pride event in LYNCHBURG, VA

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Participants registered for the weekend will get a free box lunch and OUT and ABOUT t-shirt at no cost. Donations will be accepted and appreciated. Additional t-shirts available for $15 each.

Lynchburg Mayor Carl Hutcherson will kick off the event, followed by speakers, music, and entertainment.

Participants/Sponsors so far:

  • Soulforce, Inc
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  • People For the American Way
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Interfaith Working Group
  • Q-Spirit
  • Roanoke 7
  • New Beginnings Christian Church (Richmond)
  • Virginians for Justice
  • Lynchburg Friends Meeting (Quaker)
  • First Christian Church (Lynchburg)
  • Roanoke Chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
  • Al-Fatiha (GLBTQ Muslims)
  • Gay / Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
  • Equal Partners in Faith
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA)
  • American United for Separation of Church and State

Tentative Schedule

First Christian Church
3109 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA

Friday Oct 25

1pm – Training for Local Group Leaders

4pm – Registration

6:30pm – Soulforce Rally and Nonviolence Training

Saturday Oct 26

8:00am – Breakfast

8:30am – Soulforce Training

10:30am – Workshops from various organizations

12 noon – Pick up box lunch and march to park (1.1 miles)

12:45pm – PRESS CONFERENCE at Riverside Park on Rivermont Avenue

1 – 4pm – "OUT and ABOUT in Lynchburg" Pride Festival in Riverside Park
Featuring information booths, banners, balloons, speakers, entertainment, and displays. OUT and ABOUT t-shirts will be available for purchase

7:00 pm – Teach-in and Spiritual Preparation at First Christian Church Required for all people planning to vigil/leaflet outside or worship inside Thomas Road Baptist Church on Sunday

Sunday Oct 27

7:45 am – Vigils and leafletting begins outside Thomas Road Baptist Church during Sunday School and Worshop Services

12:30 – 3pm – Picnic at Riverside Park.
Will Jerry Falwell be willing to join us?

"OUT and ABOUT in Lynchburg"

The purpose of "OUT and ABOUT" in Lynchburg is to celebrate diversity, and to support and encourage the people of Lynchburg who have been influenced by and closeted because of the conservative climate perpetuated by Jerry Falwell and his anti-homosexual religious teachings.

Unfortunately, some of the other Catholic and Protestant churches in Lynchburg share Falwell’s views. Not only do gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people need support in Lynchburg, so do families, friends, allies, and all progressive people, whether religious or secular.

We are asking organizations national, regional, and local to join us in Lynchburg, and to provide ongoing support for the people of Lynchburg by set ting up opportunities for citizens to productively counter homophobia and heterosexism in their community.

The influence of the anti-homosexual teachings of Jerry Falwell and the other "unwelcoming congregations" in Lynchburg goes way beyond the walls of a local church. These teachings scare people into silence and keep them from expressing their opinion, influence elected officials and legislation, and cause pain and suffering for GLBT people everywhere. We hope our presence there will empower people to stand up, speak out and be "OUT and ABOUT " in Lynchburg and all across the United States.

Organizations wishing to have a table to hand out literature at the event should contact:


For other details about the weekend, email prosedoc@aol.com.