Right to Serve Campaign: Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana

Right to Serve Campaign: Indianapolis, Indiana

In cities across the country this fall, openly gay young adults have been attempting to enlist in the armed forces. Never before in the 13 years of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ have openly gay youth publicly challenged the policy by attempting to sign up for the service. When their right to serve is denied, young adults — both gay and straight — begin sit-ins to protest the injustice.

Julie Benson is leading this campaign in Indianapolis to show the American people how this law is government-sanctioned discrimination.

On November 16th, she attempted to enlist in the US military at their recruitment center. Sadly, her desire to serve was not honored.

Read more of Julie’s experience below:

  • My interview with the recruiter went as follows: name, birthday, where I went to high school, where I went to college, town in which I grew up, single or married. I then disclosed that I was involved in a gay relationship. The recruiter stopped the interview and informed me that it was against regulation to accept my application. I then engaged in a 5-10 minute dialogue when other military personnel in the office initiated conversation about DADT before I left.
  • I addressed the media and informed them of the outcome. Immediately thereafter, I began the sit-in front of the recruitment office. Everyone entering and leaving had to step over me.
  • Military personnel turned off the lights, locked the door, and left the recruitment office indicating they would return in about an hour.
  • My supporters and I continued the sit-in for over three hours. None of the office staff returned during that time.
  • Being that no one returned, the sit-in ended at 2pm.

Media Coverage:

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Support the youth-led efforts to create an activist movement for LGBT rights. Sign up to participate in the sit-in or make a donation to help cover the cost this campaign in your area. Let us know that you support the right to serve.


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