Right to Serve Campaign: Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Right to Serve Campaign: Dallas, Texas

In 30 cities across the country this fall, openly gay young adults will attempt to enlist in the armed forces. Never before in the 13 years of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ have openly gay youth publicly challenged the policy by attempting to sign up for the service. When their right to serve is denied, young adults — both gay and straight — from across the Dallas area will begin a sit-in.


1) To raise awareness of the consequences of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell since its implementation in 1993:

a) $364 million of American taxpayer’s money has been spent enforcing this policy.

b) 11,000 soldiers have been discharged, including hundreds of combat engineers, medical specialists, and Arabic – Farsi translators.

c) 65,000 LGB people are currently serving in the armed forces (2000 U.S. Census). The DADT policy dishonors their service, making deceit mandatory and integrity illegal.

d) No harassment can be reported, whether is it physical or verbal, under the assumption that that would fall under "telling."

e) The only other NATO or UN Security Council members that ban gays are Turkey, China, and Russia.

2) To bring attention to the Military Readiness Enhancement Act; a bill currently in the House that would repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Where do your congressmen stand?

Support the youth-led efforts to create an activist movement for LGBT rights. Sign up to participate in the sit-in or make a donation to help cover the cost this campaign in your area. Let us know that you support the right to serve.


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