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New York City, New York

In 30 cities across the country this fall, openly gay young adults have been challenging the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy by attempting to enlist in the armed forces. The policy prohibits openly gay, lesbian and bisexual people from serving in the U. S. military. It is government-sanctioned discrimination, and begets the treatment of gay Americans as second-class citizens. But, led by Soulforce Young Adults, the Right to Serve Campaign is a national effort to promote an inclusive military that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

What: Historic Right to Serve Day in Times Square
Where: Broadway, between 43th & 45th Streets
When: TBD

On September 20th, Curt Peterson, Rhonda Davis, and Kamal Rashad Davis went to the recruitment center at the "crossroads of the world" in Times Square to enlist in the armed forces. They found the recruitment station, which is usually open every day of the year, closed and dark. About eighty supporters joined them in demonstrating in a silent vigil, passing out flyers, and holding a sit-in near the entrance. Police arrived with a paddy wagon and stood by. But, they decided against arrests. So, the enlistees spent the day sitting in. Other enlistees unaffiliated with the Right to Serve showed up for their own appointments, but found no one home. A soldier came by and shared his perspective on the policy – he felt that it is ‘outrageous’ and that he even knows gay sargeants.


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*We will return in sometime in October to further our efforts, official appointment or not. Add this page to your favorites list and look for updates as to when we will take further action!


Please, display an American flag and/or wear camouflage-patterned clothing to show your support for our armed forces and every citizen’s right to serve their country with integrity.

Traditional rainbows, as well as sel-designed signs saying "LIFT THE BAN" or "ASK & TELL", are encouraged as well.

Feel free to print this Times Square Flyer & Pledge to Non-Violence.

And bring them with you as hand-outs.

*File download located in upper, right-hand corner. Find "Click here to download" link, right click, and go to "Save Target As".

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, contact:
Alexey Bulokhov at alexey@soulforce.org or (212) 203-5774

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