Right to Serve Campaign: Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Right to Serve Campaign: Phoenix, Arizona

In 30 cities across the country this fall, openly gay young adults have been challenging the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy by attempting to enlist in the armed forces. The policy prohibits openly gay, lesbian and bisexual people from serving in the U. S. military. It is government-sanctioned discrimination, and begets the treatment of gay Americans as second-class citizens.

On Wednesday, September 20th, one lesbian, Meg Sneed, was prepared to join the Coast Guard, a desire she’s had since high school. When she and fifteen supporters arrived, they found the center locked and dark. They held a sit-in outside. Sneed will try to make another appointment for mid-October. She and her supporters will return with the hope of achieving a recruitment interview.


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Support the youth-led efforts to create an activist movement for LGBT rights. Sign up to participate in the sit-in or make a donation to help cover the cost this campaign in your area. Let us know that you support the right to serve.

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