Robert Winsor

Richmond, Virginia

Robert Winsor and others at restaurantI was married for 31 years. My wife and I reared 2 children and each child is now married with 2 children of their own; consequently, I have 4 grandchildren. My family accepts my sexual orientation and are supportive. My children accept that they have a gay father, and their primary concern is for my happiness. I have been an active church member all my life, a Sunday School teacher most of my adult life, beginning at age 16 and an active leader in the American Baptist and United Methodist churches. I am presently a member of the Providence United Methodist Church in Richmond and the Metropolitan Community Church in Richmond.

I have been a community leader, a big brother to 2 little brothers, and I am a professional businessman. From anyone’s viewpoint I am a successful, family-oriented man. When my wife died in 1995, I decided to be true to my sexual orientation. I partnered with a gay man who died in 1998. Recently, I have developed a ‘significant other’ relationship, but we are not officially partnered. I present myself as a compassionate, tolerant man of faith. Anyone meeting me would comment that I am a "nice man" – a "good man." In short, I am any man until I confirm that I am gay. Then some people may find me queer.

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