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Dear Editor,

On Sunday, May 1, I will be leaving (your city/town) to join with hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and heterosexual allies in Colorado Springs to confront a myriad of untruths perpetuated by James Dobson and Focus on the Family. Soulforce, a national interfaith movement whose purpose is "freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people from religious and political oppression," is sponsoring the event.

Also known as MAYDAY, an international distress signal for help, this event will show that LGBT people in all walks of life form caring families and loving relationships, contrary to the untruths James Dobson continues to perpetuate. Even in light of the facts and evidence, he falsely claims that LGBT people are out to destroy the marriage and the family and that they are incapable of forming loving relationships. He knowingly misleads and convinces millions of others of these untruths through the misinformation he delivers through his radio broadcast, and books, videos and films, made possible by an annual budget of over $130 million.

One of the lesbian couples, who will be in Colorado Spring, Phyllis and Del, has been together for 50 years. Others will bring their children, their parents, and their ministers, who I look forward to meeting and working with to change the hearts and minds of those who are victims of Dobson’s misinformation. Because the truth is that love makes a family, not the gender of the parents. Children need loving homes and loving families to flourish and thrive. Having two heterosexual parents is certainly no guarantee of that.

With increased incidents of domestic violence, child abuse, and divorce rates for heterosexual couples at about 50%, why would Dobson try to blame gay people for wanting to destroy marriage and the family? Aren’t there enough problems without trying to place blame on someone else? If he really were committed to families, why would he want to prevent gay couples from forming stable relationships and families by working to deny civil rights, while stripping protections away from the innocent children?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but they need to be asked and his untruths must be exposed! His slander and abuse of LGBT people, committed couples, and loving families must end! His radical commitment to denying LGBT people equal civil rights must stop!

Anyone can find out more information for themselves about what Dobson is saying because Soulforce researched and prepared a booklet, "A FALSE FOCUS ON MY FAMILY: Why every person of faith should be deeply troubled by Dr. James Dobson’s dangerous and misleading words about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community." It is available online at

I encourage people to take the time to find out the truth, and join me on May 1, 2005, in Colorado Springs to confront the untruths perpetuated by James Dobson and Focus on the Family.


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