Soulforce in St. Louis, Alert #4


Hello, Soulforce delegates!

This Alert contains two messages (this one from me and another from Doug Donley) … so please keep on reading when you get to the end of my brief note.

Have you studied the Soulforce "Four-Step Journey to Justice"? It’s a wonderful, concise (and self-paced) introduction to the soul force principles. You can find it on the Soulforce website ( If you’re new to Soulforce, we ask that you come to St. Louis having gone through the "Four Steps." (If you’re a Soulforce veteran, it would be great if you would review them.)

In addition, I’ve been asked to pass along a special on fares. Southwest ( is offering "fly a friend for free" if you purchase your tickets before May 23. More good news: St. Louis is on the route!

That’s all for now. Keep reading for some words of inspiration from Doug Donley.

Until we see each other in St. Louis,
God bless,
Diana G. Westbrook
Coordinator, publications and curriculum
Member, planning team, Soulforce in St. Louis

Dear Soulforce St. Louis Pilgrims:

I once heard Ken Sehested, executive director of the Baptist Peace Fellowship, pray:
From the cowardice of resisting new truth;
From the laziness of being satisfied with half-truth;
From the arrogance of thinking we know all truth;
Deliver us, O God.

This prayer made such an impact upon me that I used it for years as a scrolling screen saver on my computer.

One of the Soulforce vows is that we are committed to the truth. Truth is the word Gandhi used for God. We also need to recognize that our adversaries, our opponents, also have truth in them. Our goal is reconciliation with our opponents. This takes lots of work. It cannot be accomplished in a weekend or five days in June. It takes a lot of time and commitment. It takes spiritual discipline.

But its rewards are endless.

Doug Donley
Co-chair, Soulforce Journey to St. Louis