Soulforce in St. Louis, Alert #5


Dear Soulforce Sojourners to St. Louis:

We are just a little over two weeks away from our encounter with our Southern Baptist sisters and brothers. As you prepare for the journey, I invite you to be cognizant of the feelings you may have about the people we may encounter.

What prejudices do you hold? What fear invades your mind? What memories to you foresee resurfacing? This is one of the places where your spiritual preparation is important. It is important that you know yourself. It is important that you know what pushes your buttons. These feelings are a part of who you are. It is important for you to keep your focus on your task of bring truth with love to our Southern Baptist sisters and brothers.

Find a way for you to reconnect with a higher power, be it God, your soulforce sisters and brothers, the prayerful support you may have from someone else. If you work your spiritual discipline now, you will be able to better tap a center place of serenity even when someone is in your face.

One person on the vigil line last summer chose to meditate on the Soulforce nonviolence vows as someone was shouting at him and calling him a sinner. As you prayerfully prepare for your journey, remember the ones you represent. And remember that you are not alone.

Doug Donley
Journey to St. Louis Co-chair


1) Those who will not be the Soulforce Institute but will be taking part in the 24 Hours of Justice, please be sure to study the four steps of nonviolence on our website,

2) We will be asking a $10 donation for the shirts, that we will be wearing for the 24 Hours of Justice. If you’d prefer to bring shirts from previous actions, please feel free to do that.

3) For those flying into St. Louis, the Metro runs directly from the airport into St. Louis. There is also a shuttle that runs $11/person.

See you soon, Kara