St. Louis Photo Album: June 11, 2002

We waited until after dark for the release of "The Twelve" who went inside the convention and were arrested on the convention floor bringing Soulforce’s message to the conventioneers during President Merritt’s address. It was a joyous time for us all as they came out of jail!

Jimmy Creech gets a hug

Gary greets Mike after the twelve are released

Cris Elkins gets some refreshment after being released

Jimmy Creech gets a hug from Randi Reitan

Kara Speltz returns from jail

Jeaneane Hill returns from jail

Mari returns from jail

The dress was picked up the night before at Goodwill

Judy Osborne returns from jail

"The Twelve" had supper at long last as they told their stories to those waiting back at Soulforce Central at Centenary United Methodist Church, our gracious host church..

Eating and sharing what happened inside the convention

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