The 1000 Watt March, Vigil, and Concert: Shedding the Powerful Light of Truth on the Anti-Gay Dishonesty of Focus on the Family

Families and friends from across America march with a powerful message for Focus on the Family: "Dr. Dobson—Learn from History. End Religion-Based Discrimination Against Our Families." Register today to attend or sponsor a family in the march.

July 22, 2006
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Featuring Actor Chad Allen, Broadway Star Billy Porter, and Judy Shepard, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation!

New Location: Rampart Park
8270 Lexington Drive
6:00 pm

Beginning at 6pm, actor and activist Chad Allen and Judy Shepard, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, will lead the crowd in a 2-mile justice march from Rampart Park (Google Map) to the entrance of Focus on the Family (Google Map). When we arrive we’ll hold a brief "vigil of light" and then celebrate the love and commitment found in our families and friends with an electrifying night-time concert under the stars featuring Broadway Star Billy Porter. The free concert outside Focus on the Family begins at 8:30, so bring your family and friends and help Soulforce peacefully deliver a bright message of hope to Focus on the Family: "Dr. Dobson—Learn from history and end your religion-based discrimination against our community."

OPTIONAL WEEK-LONG FAMILY MARCH: Monday, July 17 – Friday, July 21, 2006 Diverse families from across America will participate in this week-long 65 mile "relay" style march from the steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver to the entrance of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each group of families will take turns walking a 4 mile segment of the march during the week until we reach Focus on the Family on Saturday, July 22 (see details above). The purpose of the march is to help America connect the dots between the false and defamatory rhetoric that flows from Focus on the Family and the assault on the civil liberties of LGBT people and same-gender families. Click here for more information about how your family can apply.

Why are thousands marching to Focus on the Family on July 22, 2006?

James Dobson’s organization, Focus on the Family, has done much to help heterosexual families around the world. However, Focus on the Family, is also one of the world’s primary sources of defamation against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and same-gender families. The misinformation that flows from Dobson’s radio and television broadcasts reaches millions of people each day in approximately 162 countries and 21 languages. Focus on the Family’s massive collection of books, pamphlets, audio/visual materials, and websites depicts LGBT people as miserable, lonely, disordered, sick, and sinful. Focus on the Family is also one of the primary financiers of the so-called "ex-gay" movement, and travels the country misrepresenting the scientific research on sexuality to thousands of people. Positive images and stories of LGBT people, committed long-term couples, and same-gender parents are never portrayed; giving people the false impression that gays and lesbians are unhealthy, broken and in need of "repair." Focus on the Family has powerful political establishments, called "Family Policy Councils," in approximately 40 states who work to prevent equality for LGBT people. These groups often lead the discriminatory political campaigns that pass constitutional amendments banning same-gender marriage, and work daily to strip away the civil liberties that protect our families and the freedoms of all Americans.

That’s why Soulforce is gathering thousands of people for a nonviolent direct action on July 22, 2006. Actor and activist Chad Allen and Judy Shepard, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, will lead the march to Focus on the Family, and Broadway Star Billy Porter will perform his amazing and powerful evening concert of jazz, rhythm, and blues in front of Dobson’s complex. Lifting our voices in word and song, we will gather to show the public the loving and vibrant spirit of our community and peacefully call all fair-minded Americans to resist injustice. Throughout history, fundamentalists have misused religion to discriminate against people of color, women, and interracial families. Now, gays and lesbians are the target of their oppression. Together, we must peacefully demand that America learn from history and end religion based discrimination.

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