The 2006 Equality Ride Route: North Central University

North Central UniversityDavid Coleman, one of our Equality Riders, was expelled from North Central University in his final semester of study there. His focus was evangelism, and he was kicked out for being gay.

Several GLBT students attend NCU and they are all at risk for the same religion-based discrimination.

President Gordon Anderson maintains that, because we disagree on the Bible’s stance on homosexuality, we are not welcome to discuss our differences on campus. Despite our efforts to create a fruitful day of dialogue, the NCU administration has cut off contact with the Soulforce Equality Ride. We continue to hope that the administration will reverse its position.

We also remain undeterred. Our message that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons are healthy and whole individuals – not to be placed in the same category as pedophiles and those who commit bestiality as President Anderson preaches – will be shared with the Minneapolis community.

Please stand with us Monday, April 17th in Elliot Park within the North Central University community. Support equality. Tell those who share this city with you that discrimination is unacceptable.

Register for the rally at Elliot Park on April 17th.

The meeting time is 6:30pm.

Elliot Park is located at:

1000 E. 14th

Minneapolis, MN 55404

For a map of the Elliot Park area click here.