The 2006 Soulforce Equality Riders

The Equality Riders

Get to know more about each member of the 2006 Equality Ride and read about how you can sponsor him or her by clicking a name below.

2006 Equality Ride Co-Directors:

Jacob Reitan Haven Herrin

Soulforce Equality Riders:

Tommy Atz Jonathan Awtrey
Diane Bedwell Nathan Bengtson
Kayla Bonewell Alexey Bulokhov
Monica Carmean David Coleman
Angel Collie Dawn Davridge
Pamela Disel David Durand
Chad Grandy Di Gray
Jen Ham Katie Higgins
Jarrett Lucas Carl Millender
Kevin Mumaugh Jacob Neal
Rachel Powell Robin Reed
Kate Riley Meg Sneed
Rebecca Solomon Jamie St. Ledger
Alisa Streets Jessie Sullivan
Donte Warren-Smith    Carolyn Westra

Soulforce Staff:

Bill Carpenter Kara Speltz
Richard Lindsay    

Interspecies Activist: