The Ex-Gay Survivor’s Conference

The Survivor's Conference: Beyond Ex-Gay

A thoughtful response to the Exodus International Conference

Videos from the Press Conference at Narth, New Life Church, and Love in Action

Videos from the Ex-Gay Survivor’s Conference

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On June 26 – July 1, 2007, the Annual Exodus International Conference will be in Irvine, California, to promote the false message that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are disordered, sinful, and in need of change.

Peterson ToscanoIn response, Soulforce,, and the LGBT Resource Center at the University of California-Irvine are proud to present an interactive, community-building conference featuring the powerful stories of those who have had ex-gay experiences, but now understand that their sexual orientation or gender identity can be lived in ways that are loving and life-affirming.


This conference is for everyone. If you want to stand in peaceful solidarity to lovingly confront the damaging consequences of the ex-gay movement – this conference is for you. If you have ever been through an ex-gay experience or been damaged by the message that God does not love and affirm you – this conference is for you. If your child, partner or friend has been through a "change" ministry – this conference is for you. If you are confused about the Bible and homosexuality, currently in an ex-gay program, or thinking about trying to change who you are – this conference is for you. If you are in town to attend the Exodus Conference – the Ex-Gay Survivor’s Conference is definitely for you! Wherever you are on your journey – you are welcome at our conference.


Exodus and its affiliated organizations often use personal stories of transformation to market their programs. These stories are also used — implicitly and explicitly — to justify political opposition to LGBT equality.

Christine BakkeBy sharing our stories, survivors of ex-gay experiences can become a powerful force for social justice. We can create a more honest picture of ex-gay programs, reveal the societal pressures that influence people to seek change and expose the cynical exploitation of ex-gay success stories for political purposes.

The Ex-Gay Survivor’s Conference will offer opportunities and resources to help you share stories, practice speaking to the media, and reflect on how your story can be used to make a difference. You will also be given opportunities to record your own experiences through film and on the web.

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