The Soulforce Process – Nonviolent Principles of Direct Action

Steps involved in a relentless nonviolent resistance
(A brief overview)

  • Commit and recommit ourselves to the non-violent Soul Force principles
  • Research the case against our adversary carefully, in print, audio, and video
  • Negotiate with our adversary first: amicably, carefully, relentlessly, if this fails
  • Educate the media, our allies, and the allies of our adversary
  • Recruit and train allies for direct action
  • Confront our adversary with direct action only to move negotiations forward
  • Negotiate a third position that will satisfy us both
  • Reconcile with our adversary and help bring in "the beloved community" which is the ultimate goal of Soulforce

To take the Soulforce Journey to nonviolence, begin with Step One at

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