Top 10 Reasons to Join Us in Phoenix, Arizona, June 15-18, 2003

10. Being a voice for positive change will renew your spirit.

09. Pray with your feet! March to the convention center and stand for justice on behalf of God’s gay children.

08. Show your pride while demonstrating love for Southern Baptists! Join us for a massive rainbow candle-light vigil outside the Southern Baptist Convention Center on Tuesday night. (Glow sticks to be provided by Soulforce.)

07. One hundred area Phoenix clergy have formed a group called "No Longer Silent" in support of welcoming GLBT people into the full life of the church.

06. Attend a Bible study on homosexuality and the scriptures.

05. It is free! You just have to get there.

04. A press conference and the media will take news of our protest throughout the country – letting closeted gay people know that they are not alone.

03. SBC President Jack Graham answered Mel White’s letter this week – saying the Southern Baptists have not changed their mind about homosexuality and therefore there was no reason to meet with Soulforce members.

02. By vigiling outside the convention center, you will let thousands of Southern Baptist messengers see a GLBT person of faith (or an ally for GLBT inclusion.)

01. The attached document we will be handing out to the messengers. "The teachings of Southern Baptists and Fred Phelps – What is the Difference?"