Two Spirit Society of Denver

The Two Spirit Society of Denver is a dedicated group of GBLT Native Americans in the Denver area who are united by their struggle to restore Two Spirited people to their rightful place in the sacred circle. The Two Spirit Society of Denver seeks to achieve this goal using the following methods:

  • Provide support for GBLT Native Americans
  • Provide community outreach to GBLT Natives, elders, and the non-native community
  • Provide cultural education regarding traditional Two Spirit functions in Native American Society and guidance in reclaiming that role in contemporary times
  • Provide a forum and plan of action for social change in Native American communities

The term Two Spirit refers to another gender role believed to be common among most, if not all, first peoples of Turtle Island (North America), one that had a proper and accepted place within indigenous societies. This acceptance was rooted in the spiritual teachings that say all life is sacred and that the Creator must have a reason for making someone different. This gender role was not based in sexual activities or practices, but rather the sacredness that comes from being different. This definition is not meant to replace cultural and traditional teachings, which speak to this role. It is intended to find common ground and to help educate in a contemporary context.

In 1999, the Two Spirit Society of Denver formed to confront and combat issues of homophobia, racism, and oppression from the Native American community, the non-Native communities, and the GLBT community at large. Two Sprit people have a strong history, with many traditions and beliefs that focus on the freedom of religion, the right to practice traditional ceremonies, and the strength to overcome stereotypes and myths that are restraining our place within the sacred circle.

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