Westmont College

Name: Westmont College
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Religious Affiliation: No Official Denominational Affiliation or Religious Affiliation
Enrollment: 1,328
Website: www.westmont.edu
Senior College Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Concerning GLBT Equality:

The Westmont College 2006-07 Student Handbook states:

"The college will not condone practices that Scripture forbids. Such activities include occult practices, sexual relations outside of marriage, homosexual practice, drunkenness, theft, profanity, and dishonesty. Westmont also recognizes that Scripture condemns ‘sins of the spirit’ such as covetousness, jealousy, pride, and lust. By their very nature, these sins are more difficult to discern. Because they lie at the heart of the relationship between the individual and God they are of central concern to the Westmont community."

This section of the Westmont College student handbook can be viewed here.