Why Are We Marching?

Soulforce vigiling outside Focus on the Family headquarters in 2005On May 1, 2005, despite freezing weather, nearly 1000 people joined Soulforce for the "MAYDAY Family Picnic & Protest" outside the entrance to Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since then, James Dobson has amplified efforts to impose his narrow interpretation of the Bible on the entire nation; thereby jeopardizing the integrity of our U.S. Constitution as well as the civil liberties and religious freedom of all Americans.

James Dobson is heard on the radio in 162 countries, reaching over 200 million people in 21 languages each day. His mega-media empire churns out dishonest portrayals of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as he twists the psychological research to falsely claim that same-gender families are disordered, destroy heterosexual marriage, harm society, and seek to hurt children.

Most importantly, Dr. Dobson has become a powerful political figure who can motivate millions of fundamentalists to call, write, and fax Congress by simply making a plea on his radio program. In 2004, Dobson formed "Focus on the Family Action", a 501(c)(4) that does not carry the same IRS fundraising restrictions as the 501(c)(3) Focus on the Family. In the first six months of existence it raised nearly 9 million dollars, the equivalent of $50,000 a day, much of which was used to fight against marriage equality for same-sex couples by supporting antigay constitutional amendments all over the country. Focus diligently works to keep "Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell" in place and, as a result, thousands of courageous lesbian and gay service members are unjustly discharged despite risking their lives for our great country. Focus is one of the largest financiers of Exodus International and so-called "reparative therapy" programs, damaging the hearts and souls of countless innocent people with misinformation and outright lies. The Southern Poverty Law Center listed Focus on the Family as part of the growing and dangerous "antigay industry" because of the shameless manner in which they spread prejudice for profit and fear for funds. All fair-minded Americans must stand united, speak boldly, and peacefully hold James Dobson accountable for the lives destroyed in the wake of his false teachings.

That’s why we are mobilizing a grassroots effort for the 1000 Watt March, Vigil & Concert (July 16-July 22, 2006). In the spirit of Gandhi’s 1930 Salt March and the many marches of the civil rights movement, we will walk 65 miles from a legislative symbol (the Denver State Capitol building) to the primary source of antigay misinformation (Focus on the Family). You have the option of walking with us all 7 days, the final 3 days, or just the last 3 miles. When we arrive on Saturday evening, July 22, you are invited to join us for our "circle of light" vigil around Dobson’s headquarters, followed by a high-powered concert under the stars featuring Billy Porter (www.billyporter.com) from Broadway!

So round up family, friends, and allies and let’s shine a bright light on Focus on the Family for the entire world to see. Do you know watt you are? You are a bright ray of truth in the world, and when you stand with the other "1000 watts of light", we guarantee you will be strengthened and renewed!

(See Talking Points for more information.)