Fred Phelps Rhetoric

December 11, 1999

WARNING: this may be dangerous to your mental health
An example of Rev. Fred Phelps rhetoric

Link here for a scan of the actual flier.

Fag soldier Winchell died for fag Mel White’s sins

Aging Rev. Mel White is an out-of-the-closet fag preacher who sloughed off his wife and children to "marry" another fag — Gary Nixon. With a soul as black as the nethermost Hell, White — a certifiable messenger of Satan — now transforms himself as an apostle of Christ: "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ." 2 Cor. 11:13. Having com-mitted the ultimate infidelity in putting away the wife of his youth, White — for sodomite lucre — provides a pseudo-religious placebo for trapping young people into lives of sin and shame. One of those won to fagdom by Luciferian "Evangelist" White, was Kansas Citian Barry Winchell. A fellow soldier at Ft. Campbell, Ky., beat his brains out with a baseball bat. As his brains dribbled out on his Army cot, young Barry was heard to moan, "Thank you, Bro. White, for ending my life at 21 and for sending my soul to Hell for all eternity." Rev. 14:9-11. White’s (and Clinton’s) lying fag sins killed Pvt. Winchell.

White admits sodomite beasts are properly called "fags"

At right is Mel White picketing WBC Dec. 10, 1999, with a sign in his right hand that says, "GOD LOVES FAGS." The banner on WBC’s meeting house behind: "GOD HATES FAGS.COM." Yes, they’re FAGS!

White left "wife" Gary home

Below is White’s true wife, Lyla, as she was when he shed her for Gary. White was too ashamed to bring Gary to Topeka. Poor Lyla is much older, wrinkled, sadder today. Will Hell be hot enough for fag Mel White?