FOXFAMILY Executives Agree to Negotiate

March 24 Protest and Civil Disobedience Postponed

Soulforce News Alert, Wednesday, March 15, 2000

(Los Angeles) On Friday, March 3, the Soulforce Committee to Bring Truth to Pat Robertson and to the Fox Family Channel received an email from Mel Woods, President and C.O.O. of FOXFAMILY Worldwide, parent company of Fox Family. "I have visited your Internet site," Mr. Woods wrote, "and would be very happy to meet with you and discuss your issues."

"We were elated," admits Rabbi Denise Eger of Congregation Kol Ami. "We had tried for eighteen months to get the Fox Family Channel to take seriously our concerns about the tragic effects of Mr. Robertson’s anti-homosexual campaign. To give negotiations a chance, we have postponed our direct action (and possible civil disobedience) scheduled for 12Noon, March 24, at FOXFAMILY’S headquarters."

March 8, Rabbi Eger and the Revs. Ed Bacon and Mel White sat down with Mr. Woods and Ms. Donna Cunningham, FOXFAMILY’S Executive VP, for a discussion of the anti-homosexual campaign of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club (seen three times daily on the Fox Family Channel.)

"We have good news," reported the Rev. Ed Bacon, Rector, All Saints Episcopal in Pasadena. "FOXFAMILY took us seriously. We met with management of the company. They listened attentively. They agreed to consider some of our requests and confirmed that the company does offer domestic partnership health benefits. The dialogue is ongoing and we thank FOXFAMILY for that opportunity."

"Our next meeting is March 24, the day we had scheduled for the protest," added Mel White, Co-Chair of the Committee and a Founder of Soulforce, Inc. "Instead of risking arrest on the outside, we’ll be negotiating on the inside. And though we oppose Mr. Robertson’s anti-homosexual campaign, we aren’t there to censor Mr. Robertson or to deny him his First Amendment rights.

"Our goal is to help Pat, his viewers, and our friends at FOXFAMILY to understand the truth about sexual minorities and to help end Robertson’s tragic misinformation campaign against us. This has proven to be a long process but we’re willing to take it one step at a time. However, if negotiations stall, we will be forced to take direct action and even civil disobedience to jump-start them once again. Stay tuned!"

Rev. Frank Wulf (310) 208-6869
Rev. Nancy Wilson (310) 854-9110
Rev. Ed Bacon (626) 796-1172
Rabbi Denise Eger (310) 248-6320


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