A Solidarity Plan to Bring Truth to Roberson and FOX in Your Town

March 24, 2000

On March 24 we march on the FOX FAMILY CHANNEL once again. If you can join us in Los Angeles, you are invited. Sign up for the journey. But if you can’t be with us in person, be with us in spirit. You can make a huge difference in your town by working in solidarity with us.

Here’s what the Fox Family Channel says about itself. (Note the number of homes in America that have access to Mr. Robertson’s anti-GLBT rhetoric three-times-daily.)

The Fox Family Channel launched on Saturday, August 15, 1998 in over 72 million homes nationwide. It is a family-targeted basic cable network with a dynamic mix of original movies, specials and series in prime time — and a fun-filled daytime lineup of newly produced and classic series for children. (THEY DON’T MENTION HERE .and 180 minutes daily of Mr. Robertson’s false and inflammatory rhetoric.)

Remember, the Fox Family Channel is different from The FOX NETWORK. The Fox Family Channel is a cable provider and is probably broadcast on the cable system(s) in your town. If you or your group wants to help us end Mr. Robertson’s tragic misinformation campaign, there are all kinds of things you can do:


Check our "Beware the Fox" Action Page before you do anything. You need to really understand why this is so important before you act. From that page, you will find the history of this campaign, important questions and answers, and samples of Mr. Robertson’s false and inflammatory rhetoric. Quote them when you write.

THE EMAIL RESPONSE! (J) (One J for doing Justice)
Email your complaint directly to the Fox Family Channel:
(Pull down COMMENTS from the SITE INDEX. On the FORM that appears, pull down 700 CLUB from the GENERAL COMMENTS field. Write your complaints and submit them.)

Telephone Fox and tell them your complaints directly. Ask that Mr. Cronin meet with Mel White and The Committee to Bring Truth To Fox.
(The Main Office Line) 1-310-235-5100
(The Complaint Line) 1-877-98-FAMILY

Write a personal letter (use letterhead if you have it) expressing your complaints and asking him to meet with Mel White and the Committee to Bring Truth To Fox:
Richard Cronin, President/CEO The Fox Family Channel
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Fax It ALSO: Main Office Fax: 310-235-9560

THE FULL MONTY! Organizing locally to make a difference nationally! (JJJJ)
If you really want to have an impact on the Fox Family Channel, respond in all three ways above (on your own) and then organize your group (or create a group) to do the following:

  1. Find the local cable company that carries the FOX FAMILY CHANNEL in your town.
  2. Find the name, address, phone, fax, email, web page of that cable company.
  3. Find the manager or program manager’s name of that cable company.
  4. Go to our web page, www.soulforce.org and click on "Beware the Fox".
  5. At our web page you will find helpful background information, questions and answers, and a list of quotes illustrating Mr. Robertson’s rhetoric.
  6. Using the material from our Soulforce web page, phone, fax, or write a letter to your cable manager (or even better, a petition signed by many) saying the following:

    • You want to meet with your local Cable Company management to discuss the rhetoric of Pat Robertson. (We’ll provide you videos, transcripts, and all the material you need to make your case.)
    • You want to protest Pat Robertson’s rhetoric of intolerance (seen three times daily on the 700 Club on the Fox Family Channel).
    • You want him/her to write a letter to Richard Cronin, Fox Family President, to support a meeting with Mel White and the COMMITTEE TO BRING TRUTH TO FOX, to discuss this rhetoric as they have requested.
    • You want time locally and nationally to respond to Mr. Robertson’s rhetoric.
  7. Send copies of that letter to:

    • Richard Cronin, President/CEO, the Fox Family Channel, 10960 Wilshire Blvd.,
      Suite 2200, Los Angeles, CA. 90024.
    • Pat Robertson, CBN, 977 Centerville Turnpike, Virginia Beach, VA 23463.
    • Mel White, Soulforce, PO Box 4467, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
  8. If the Cable Manager will meet with you and your group, do it. We’ll send you all the resources you need including video tape samples and transcripts.
  9. If he/she refuses to meet with you, prepare a Soulforce Direct Action at the local Cable Company offices on March 24 to coincide with our March on Fox.
  10. Notify your local media of your direct action and its solidarity with our Soulforce action on March 24. (We can provide you a complete press kit to copy and distribute).
  11. We’ll also provide you talking points for the direct action, copy for signs and banners, guidelines for a nonviolent direct action, etc.
  12. If you have other ideas or suggestions, be creative. We need to help end this tragic campaign of misinformation before more reputations are ruined, more families destroyed, more churches divided, more lives lost.

Whatever you do, THANKS!

Soulforce, Inc.

Link to FOX Soulforce Action Page