Habitat for Humanity Photos

The Rev. Dr. Mel White, Soulforce co-founder, and Kevin Hinton, the proud owner-to-be.

Putting up the siding was gratifying work.

Signing an interior 4 x 4. It won’t show — but we’ll know it’s there!

It was amazing that by lunch on the first day, what only hours earlier had been a slab was beginning to resemble a house. We had WALLS!

The heaviest, hardest work was raising the trusses for the second story roof.

About 45 Soulforce volunteers participated during the week. About half had been among the Soulforce delegates who met with the Rev. Jerry Falwell the previous October.

Fifteen Lynchburg churches volunteered to assist with the Soulforce-Habitat effort. One of the ways they helped was by bringing boxed lunches and sodas to the worksite every day around noon.

Soulforce volunteers assembled on October 3 at 8 a.m., they were faced with only the foundation upon which the house was to be built. But the lumber and tools were already assembled for them and — with the help of capable Habitat staff — the work began.