DC 2002 – Alert #3


Dear Soulforce volunteers: Here is the preliminary schedule for our Sunday program. Since many of your are "veterans," we’re creating a split schedule – one for those who are new to Soulforce while, for experienced Soulforce volunteers, an opportunity to greet the Bishops as they start arriving at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunday afternoon. The Sunday schedule looks like this so far:

Sunday, November 10, 2002: Meet at Lutheran Church of the Reformation – 212 E. Capital St., N.E., D.C. – this is a 10 min walk from the Holiday Inn where most of us will be staying.

  • 2 pm Registration
  • 3pm – 3:30 Spirtual preparation
  • 3:30 – 5 pm – DC overview – Assignment of Squads, explanation of anti gay teachings of the Catholic Church
  • 5 – 7 pm – vigil – at the Hyatt by those who are already trained from a previous action
  • 5 – 7 – Introductory training for those who have never attended a Soulforce training program.
  • 7:15 – 7:45 – We will gather again at the Church of the Reformation and order in and break bread together
  • 7:45 -Advance specific training for this direct action and preparation the gifts for the veterans on Monday, November 11th.

We will assign squads as you register. Vigil times for the squads will be assigned Sunday evening at the 7:45 training.

As we did last year, we will be vigiling in the early morning, at noon hour and again at the dinner break.

Once again, we are asking you to bring your shirts from previous Soulforce actions. Those who are newcomers will receive a shirt from one of our previous actions.

Remember that it gets very cold in D.C. in November and especially when you’re vigiling for hours, so bring warm clothes and "long johns" if you have them.

If you haven’t made room reservations at the Holiday Inn, by now, we’d recommend doing so immediately before space runs out. We have a few offers of community housing, so write Kara@Soulforce.org, if you will need community housing.

We are preparing an "Invitation," that will be up on the website, that can be reproduced and we are asking that you spread the word about the opportunity for those who can’t join us to take part in our action, by sending gifts to share.

Don’t forget to send us your letters to your Bishops, and also to start your spiritual preparation for this Journey to Justice.

Philippe, Richard, and Kara

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