DC 2002 – Alert #4


Dear Soulforce volunteers:

We’re less than a week away from our time together in Washington, D.C. and our leadership team is still feeling the powerful effects of the lives we changed in Lynchburg. For pictures and stories about Lynchburg, check out our webpage, www.soulforce.org. I hope you have been spreading the word about our gifts for our "Neighbors in Need." It’s not too late to invite your friends and family to participate in this gift giving to those in need. The plans are coming together in such a way that we can only give thanks for the clear presence of God’s will in our lives.

Remember that it gets very cold standing outside vigiling, so bring, hats, gloves and long underwear to keep yourselves warm during those hours of vigiling. If for any reason you can’t make it, now is the time to let us know as we are in the process of putting together our squad teams.

Whatever your spiritual process, now is the time to make it a primary focus in preparation for this time, so take some time out of your busy schedules to put on your "spiritual armour." We do not do this work by ourselves!

Remember to bring your shirts from prior actions, because we’re not having a shirt made up for this one. Gary and Mel will bring some of the shirts from our "Out and About in Lynchburg," for those who have never participated in an action, and will need a Soulforce Tshirt.

We are grateful for your presence and your prayers and we look forward to doing justice with you in Washington, D.C.

Philippe, Richard, and Kara

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