Alert 3 to Participants

March 8, 2005

Dear Friend of Soulforce,

The weeks are flying by and before you know it we will all be doing justice together in Colorado Springs. In this update, we want to announce an exciting addition to our action and encourage you to do two important things in preparation:

Soulforce to invite local congregations to join us on May 1st:

We are in the process of writing a letter that will be mailed to many of the churches in Colorado Springs. We are asking them to identify one “ambassador family” from their congregation. We are inviting that family to attend the May 1st Family Picnic and Rally outside Dr. Dobson’s headquarters, go to dinner with us afterwards, and then be our guests at the Jason & deMarco concert that evening. We are not asking them to change their deeply held religious beliefs (most of them will likely have beliefs similar to Dr. Dobson’s). But, we are reminding them that scripture commands us to “love one another” even though we might disagree about sexual orientation. We are asking them to begin a real conversation in Colorado Springs before more families are ruined and more lives are lost. Our purpose in doing this is to create a dialogue around the city that will continue long after we are gone. We probably will not change their opinions about homosexuality, but we do have an opportunity to educate them about Dr. Dobson’s antigay rhetoric (by supplying them with specific quotes). They might still hold on to their religious beliefs about homosexuality, but we may create some “cognitive dissonance” when, for example, one of our beautiful same-gender couples together 10, 20, or 30 years shows them Dobson’s quote that “homosexual relationships are notoriously unstable and short lived”. Who knows what might happen in their hearts when they see a same-gender couple lovingly care for their child, while simultaneously reading Dobson’s quote, “Moms and Dads are you listening? This movement is the greatest threat to your children.”

Continue preparing your heart and mind

Remember that nonviolence is a process. So, we recommend you review Step Two from our website at If you have not already done so, please review Step One as well. We encourage you to begin spending some time each day in reflection, prayer, or meditation about this action. It is critical that we converge on Colorado Springs with nonviolent hearts.

Recruit one friend

Begin thinking about one friend or family member that you could recruit to join you in Colorado Springs. We hope for a large crowd at the May 1st Family Picnic and Rally, and our May 2nd plans to take the truth inside the Focus on the Family compound. Each of you can help make that a reality by simply recruiting just one courageous soul.

In future updates we will give you reminders about the hotel, climate, and directions. Much of this information is currently available on the Soulforce website at

We hope that your life is being blessed and we trust that you will gain personal strength and spiritual renewal as you peacefully stand against one of the most dangerous voices of intolerance in America.

Another update will be coming your way soon!


Jeff Lutes,
Co-Chair of Colorado Springs Direct Action

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