Alert 4 to Participants

March 23, 2005

Dear Soulforce Volunteers,

We’re just six weeks away from our time together in Colorado Springs, and there is a great deal of excitement in the air. Buses full of courageous and peaceful folks are coming in from Denver and other areas around Colorado Springs. Experienced Soulforce delegates, as well as first-timers, are coming in from Minnesota,, Washington, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Virginia and many other states. We even know of a news crew, and a film maker, coming in from Canada.

The May 1 Picnic, Rally, and March around Focus on the Family will be a powerful opportunity for us to confront Dr. Dobson’s distortions about LGBT people, and educate the general public through the media. Several civil rights leaders are confirmed to speak, and we will be conveying more details about the rally, as well as plans for Monday, May 2, in a future alert.

This event is a go . . . rain or shine! The month of May in Colorado can be pleasant or snowing. So, watch the weather reports and come prepared with clothing for either situation. Be sure to bring an umbrella, just in case. Even heavy rains will not drown our spirits. In fact, it will just help our passion for justice grow as we show the world that "come hail, sleet, or snow" we are there to bring Dr. Dobson the truth.

When making your airline reservations, you might want to consider the costs of the shuttles:

  • The Denver airport is a little over an hour away from the hotel and just short of 80 miles.
  • The Colorado Springs airport is 22 miles from the hotel.
  • If you fly into Colorado Springs, the shuttle to the hotel is $35 (for up to 4 people going to the same address), after that it is an addition $5.00 for each additional person.
  • If you fly into Denver the cost of the shuttle is $45 for one, $70 for two and $90 for 3 people.

We have a block of 100 rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn and they are being reserved quickly, so please book your room if you have not already done so. For reservations, call 1-877-STAY HGI. There appears to be a scarcity of double rooms, so if a king-size would work for you, that will leave the doubles for those looking to share a room. If you need help in finding roommates, write She’s maintaining a list of those looking for roommates.

We’re working on community housing and have a few offers to date. If you need community housing or can offer community housing, again write to

Last, but not least: Remember to spend some time studying Step 4 on our website at Nonviolence is a learned process and not something that comes naturally to us, so preparation is important.

You are about to be a part of a national experience that will strengthen your spirit and provide healing to closeted souls, still living in fear, who will see you standing up for them in the news. Thanks for all you are doing, and will continue to do, to help us spread the word about this important event.

We can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for your conviction and your passion for doing justice.


Jeff Lutes,
Co-Chair, Colorado Springs Direct Action