The Day After Liberty

by Katie Higgins

Day one after our first action-
Liberty was obviously an amazing day: the community was there for us, Liberty students were there for us, and we all stood together in the face of the oppressive campus gates of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. We were there to say that we the people have had enough. Learn from history: end religious-based oppression. It really couldn’t be a more concise and true message.

We were all on a high Friday night. To see months of preparation play out in a fashion that actually worked was amazing. I must admit, however, that by the time we stepped foot off the bus at Liberty, I already had a list going of what needed to go differently next time. Attending to this list is what I did today.

Bill and I spent many hours pulling out all of the supplies from under the bus. This included paper towels, 5 gallon jugs of water, 1,000 copies of Mel’s What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Homosexuality, and "Learn from History" buttons. Our wonderful friend Corey from First Christian Church brought over some sturdy crates to put all of these supplies in, and with those came some sort of organization for our bus. It is, after all, our not-so-humble abode for the next 50 days! Gary Nixon really set us up like royalty with goodies like Snapple, cookies, ball caps with blinking smiley faces, and laundry detergent!

So, it seems as though you’ve caught me on a rather non-exciting day unless containers and organizing gets your blood running! The rest of the riders worked hard on their group presentations, spending HOURS upon HOURS going through letters people have written to Mel White and watching tape footage that he has allowed us to use. I found myself in the mall across the street a grand total of two times in one day, which is nothing I am proud of. I hope all is well with you and that you are having as much fun reading the media surrounding this ride as we are! Thank you for your support.

With peace,
Katie Higgins