Photos from the Soulforce Equality Ride, April 17th, 2006

Photos by Stephanie Houfek

Bill and Jake discuss strategy at North Central University

Richard Lindsay reads from the book of Matthew

Dawn Davridge and Jarrett Lucas sit in front of the doors at North Central University

Kate Riley gets shoved aside

Phil Reitan and Kate Riley

Randi Reitan negotiates with North Central security

Richard knocks — and the door is not opened to him

David Coleman and Jacob Reitan

Riders lead worship outside North Central University

Rachel, Jacob, Dawn, and David

The family that nonviolently resists together…

George Takei, who played Star Trek’s Captain Sulu, speaks at the rally

Spoken word artist Tish Jones at the rally

Kevin, Jen, Chad, Jonathan, Dawn, and David, "Equality Trekkies" with George Takei