Photos from Friday, July 21, 2006

Bill Carpenter, Jeff Lutes, and Kara Speltz

A fabulous group prepares to march leg 1 of Friday’s march

Continuing the march from Denver to Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs

Bob and Mary Lou Wallner

Stephen Botte and Johnathan Beck

Phil Reitan marches on

Stephen Botte and Johnathan Beck

Lars Clausen rides leg 2 of Friday’s march on his unicycle

Jacob Reitan, Haven Herrin, and Mel White

Assembling in front of Ted Haggard’s New Life Church

Stephen Botte and Johnathan Beck

Lars, Mary Lou, and Bob

Nathan, Christian, Forrest, and Jerrod

Pam and Kathi Sherrill

Jerrod shows his talent

Niko Lutes-Stein

Michael Donlan and Dimid Hayes

Daniel Graney and Roberto Flores

Anne DeLorenzo and Karen Chambers

Jeff Lutes and Mel White

On our way to Rampart Park

Mike Perez is fabulous

Corey Hidelbaugh grills everyone hotdogs

A tired couple arrives in Rampart Park

Making it easy for those without gaydar

Troy, Jeaneane, Chuck, and Steve

Picnic at the park