Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey For Equal Rights

Lars ClausenAuthor and Pastor Lars Clausen released his newest book during Soulforce’s 1000 Watt March in Colorado.

In Straight Into Gay America people share their lives with the Guinness World Record-holding pastor who unicycles 1,000 miles for equal rights. Through roadside encounters and overnight stays, this is the story of everyday people living through the most polarizing political and religious battles of our times.

From anti-gay preacher Jerry Falwell to the gay-rights directors of HRC, PFLAG, and Soulforce, Clausen’s personal journey as a Lutheran pastor forces difficult choices between the exclusionary status quo of his church and the inclusive commitment of Jesus.

Cover of Straight Into Gay AmericaMel White says this book "will bring our churches and our nation another step closer to the day of Equal Rights." PFLAG Director Jody Huckaby calls Straight Into Gay America "a bridge across the divide between straight and gay…nothing less than a sacred journey."

Visit to read about and order this captivating adventure. Also at Clausen’s website you can read his daily reports from the Soulforce 1000 Watt March.

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