Right to Serve Video Part 2


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This is part 2 of the video clip of the Right to Serve enlistment in Minneapolis, MN on May 30, 2006. The Right to Serve campaign for summer/fall 2006 is a project in 31 cities around the country working to end the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy of banning openly gay, lesbian and bisexual service in the United States military. Jake Reitan, Haven Herrin and Ezekiel Montgomery, all openly gay/lesbian individuals, chose to enlist as openly GLBT citizens in the Minnesota National Guard. They held a press conference to announce their direct action with supporters accompanying them and then went in to enlist.

Part 2 of the video (be sure to see Part 1) consists of Jake, Haven and Ezekiel answering questions from the press, followed by local TV press coverage of the events on the local NBC and CBS affiliates.

For more information on the Right to Serve campaign to raise public awareness on and end the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell banning openly GLBT individuals from serv ing openly and honorably in the United States military, go to www.righttoserve.org or contact jake@soulforce.org or haven@soulforce.org.