Dr. Julie Nemecek

Dr. Julie NemecekDr. Julie Nemecek is a former university professor who lost her job when she came out at the Christian university where she was an assistant dean and associate professor. The story was quickly picked up by the Associated Press and ultimately appeared in various media including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, Fox News, Newsweek, Christianity Today and numerous other local, regional, national, and international publications or broadcasts. Dr. Nemecek and Joanne, her life partner of 36 years have become outspoken activists for LGBT rights. In June of 2007 they spoke from the steps of the Michigan Capital to a crowd that was estimated by local police to be nearly 3000. They have shared their story on university and college campuses, the occasional high school campus, and churches. It is a story of injustice, pain, suffering, hope, and love. Julie and Joanne have three boys; all married. Dr. Nemecek serves on the boards of Michigan Equality, Michigan Association of LGBT Organizations and Allies, and PFLAG Jackson as well as the advisory board of Trans Youth Family Allies (TYFA).