Judy Osborne

Judy OsborneJudy Osborne is a transgender woman who has been active in the transgender community for more than thirty years. She is past president of The Emerald City in Seattle, a social/support organization for newly-out transgender people, serving on its board for a total of 12 years while promoting the organization’s political outreach. She also served on the board of Seattle’s Ingersoll Gender Center, which provides facilitated support groups for transgender people and works to connect transgender people and issues with the wider world beyond. Judy wrote a monthly letter acquainting 220 psychologists and educators with transgender issues and people, and for five years during the late 90’s she wrote a monthly column on political issues for Transgender Forum, a national web magazine. Currently, she speaks to various groups and students interested in transgender issues and volunteers with a northwest HMO hospice helping people to die well. In her career, Judy was a television broadcasting executive and later owned and operated a popular Seattle sports-themed restaurant. She has been deeply involved with Soulforce since its beginning.

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