The Right to Marry



Phoenix Metropolitan Area

August 7 – 16, 2009

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The Campaign

Our work in Arizona uses the framework of pilgrimage for its outreach. Last summer, we walked 96 miles throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, one mile for every year Arizona has been a state without full legal recognition of its LGBT citizens. We stopped at churches, political meetings, and city manager offices to have a conversation about Proposition 102, the Arizona "defense of marriage" legislation, and a larger discussion about our lives and values.

Unfortunatey, last November Proposition 102 passed, but our work to create a cultural shift is as important as ever. We will continue our pilgrimage work with 97 miles this year in August. We will be visiting the communities that had the highest number of votes in favor of marriage inequality.

For one week, a core team of Equality Walkers will hit the pavement to speak to police, city managers, faith communities, elected officials and individuals in diverse districts. We invite community members to join us for a day or a segment on this journey. Look out for the rainbow umbrellas!

If you have questions or feeback, please contact the local co-directors:

Meg Sneed at and Melissa Halverson at

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