Reports from the American Family Outing

The American Family Outing

Reports from the American Family Outing


Photos from the Saddleback Church visit

Photos from the Willow Creek Community Church visit

Other Sheep’s Photos from the New Birth visit

Photos from the Hope Christian visit

Other Sheep’s Photos from the Hope Christian visit

Photos from the Potter’s House visit

Photos from the Lakewood visit

Email Alerts

Email Alert 6/20/2008
American Family Outing Concludes with Visit to Dr. Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church

Email Alert 6/13/2008
American Family Outing visits Bill Hybels & Willow Creek

Email Alert 6/6/2008
Report on the American Family Outing Visit with Bishop Eddie Long

Email Alert 5/30/2008
A Spirit of Integrity and a Gospel of Deception: The Starkly Different Theologies of Bishops T.D. Jakes and Harry Jackson, Jr.

Email Alert 5/22/2008
Bishop T.D. Jakes Agrees to Ongoing Dialogue with LGBT & Straight-Ally Families

Email Alert 5/15/2008
Jay Bakker Meets with Joel Osteen on Mother’s Day

Email Alert 5/9/2008
American Family Outing to Six Mega-Churches Has Begun

Press Releases:

Press Release 6/24/2008
"Gay Days" at the Mega-churches: LGBT Families & Allies Reflect on the American Family Outing

Press Release 6/4/2008
Gay Dads to Celebrate Father’s Day at Saddleback Church

Press Release 6/2/2008
Bishop Long Meets with LGBT Families: A Story of Family Reconciliation

Press Release 5/30/2008
Soulforce Releases Video of Bishop Harry Jackson

Press Release 5/30/2008
New Birth to Meet with LGBT Families

Press Release 5/27/2008
LGBT Families Share Their Witness with Hope Christian, Bishop Jackson

Press Release 5/22/2008
Soulforce Releases Letters to Bishop Jackson, Seeks to Dispel Misinformation

Press Release 5/20/2008
"A Real Exploration of Common Ground": AFO Opens Dialogue with The Potter’s House

Press Release 5/15/2008
LGBT Families to Meet with The Potter’s House

Press Release 5/12/2008
American Family Outing Begins Dialog with Lakewood

Press Release 5/7/2008
LGBT Families to Host Families from Lakewood Church

Press Release 4/24/2008
Soulforce Releases Letter from Bakker to Osteen

Press Release 4/8/2008
American Family Outing Seeks to Dispel Divisive Tactics

Press Release 2/15/2008
Jay Bakker to Join Gay and Transgender Families at Austin Training

Press Release 1/8/2008
LGBT Families Ask Six Mega-Churches "Can We Talk?"

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