Spring 2009 Catholic Action – Local Leaders

The following cities have signed on to participate in the Catholic action this spring through solidarity actions. Listed below are the email addresses of the local leaders so you can get in direct contact to find out how to participate.

Los Angeles, CA contact Vince at Vince_sfca@soulforce.org
Durham, NC contact Brandy_sfca@soulforce.org
New Haven, CT contact Delfin at Delfin_sfca@soulforce.org
Little Rock, AR contact Lance at Lance_sfca@soulforce.org
Detroit, MI contact Jen at Jen_sfca@soulforce.org
Dallas, TX contact Kelli at kellibusey@yahoo.com
Twin Cities, MN contact Haven at Haven@Soulforce.org
Phoenix, AZ contact Melissa at Melissa_sfca@soulforce.org
Turtle Creek, PA contact Joe at Joe_sfca@soulforce.org
Central Ohio contact Deniray at Deniray_sfca@soulforce.org or Karen at Karen_sfca@soulforce.org
Denver, CO contact Kasper at Kasper_sfca@soulforce.org

People around the country are working in solidarity with the direct action in New York City because this is a conversation that must be had everywhere. Solidarity actions are varied and creative, accomplishing what is necessary in every local context. Some are directing their energy toward local Catholic leaders, some are voicing their support for the declaration directly to Archbishop Celestino Migliore, and some are using this as an opportunity to build their local progressive community. Here are some great ideas coming out of solidarity groups:

candle vigils
petitions, asking local groups and individuals to sign on to the support statement
call-ins to the Archbishop
creating conversations at church
pilgrimages from cathedrals to basilicas
volunteering at Catholic charity organizations
rainbow ribbons
notes in the offering plate
messages tucked into Bibles
and many others

If you would like to work on the local level to express your support for transformation of the Roman Catholic Church and the outreach to Archbishop Celestino Migliore, please contact Katie Higgins at Katie@Soulforce.org to find out more about becoming a local leader.