Spring 2009 Catholic Action – Statement Signers


The following is a list of supporters who have signed our Catholic Action statement. You or your organization are welcome to join. We will deliver a copy of this list to the office of the Vatican at the United Nations in New York City.

Tom Jonas, Minneapolis, MN
Carol Lewis
Eunice Fisher, St. Petersburg, FL
Cathy James, St. Petersburg, FL
Eileen Boyd, Sacramento, CA
Catholics for Marriage Equality, California
Marilyn Bedford, Tulsa, OK
Marriage Equality Silicon Valley
Dean Harpster and Rick Infantino, Silicon Valley, CA
Laurie Pollack, Lansdowne, PA
Thomas Mooney, Aspen, CO
Tom Field
Malcolm J. Blue, Valencia, CA
Bruce Lowe
Lydia Nowak, Shannon, IL
Daniel Morgan
Shaashawn Dial & Studs Magazine
Edward P. Todd, Copake, NY
Edward Morris
Kelli Busey, Dallas, TX
Timothy J. MacGeorge, Washington, DC
Alan Barthel
Rev. Robert L. Morriss, Forrest, VA
Jimmy Creech, Raleigh, NC
Robert Bowers, Columbia, SC
Rev. Dr. Sherry L. Kennedy, Venice, FL
SunCoast Cathedral MCC, Venice, FL
Phil Danielson, Denver, CO
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies, Dallas, TX
Mary E. Hunt, Silverspring, MD
Jendi Reiter
Kevin Todd
Megan Heeney, St. Louis, MO
Catholic Action Network, St. Louis, MO
Ron and Myrna Ohmann
Mary Ellen Lopata & Casey Lopata, Rochester, NY
Gail McGuire
Rev. Jerry W. Miller
Alan Guno
Peter Grahame & Henry Seale, Albuquerque, NM
Steven Kilgore, Chattanooga, TN
Jerry & Lucy Furlong
Fortunate Families, Rochester, NY
Jim Buckheit, Sacramento, CA
Father Anthony Borka, Orlando, FL
St. Dorothy Catholic Community, Orlando, FL
Ann & Chester Franczyk, Springfield, MA
Linda Karle-Nelson & Tom Nelson, Farmington Hills, MI
Call to Action USA
Kaitlin Starke
Dave Parnell, Raleigh, NC
Michael Kelly, Australia
Rainbow Sash Movement, Australia
Sacramento Call to Action

Michele A. Cole, Altamont, NY
Cris Elkins, Greensboro, NC
Alice R. Schulte, Mooresville, NC
Reverend Fred H. Anderson, Sun City West, AZ
Dave Bart, New Orleans, LA
Charles Arthur Witschorik II, San Jose, CA
Reverend Janine C. Stock, Vista, CA
All Saints American Catholic Church, Vista, CA
Lynn E. Walker
Bill Carpenter, St. Petersburg, FL

Haven Herrin, Saint Paul, MN

Katie Higgins, Minneapolis, MN

Kevin Riley

Chelsea Griffo, Austin, TX

Kathy Stayton

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists