Soulforce Launches Search for New Executive Director

Soulforce continues the exciting process of recruiting and hiring our new permanent Executive Director!  First a search committee was established from a broad group of former board members, esteemed religious leaders, current board members and staff – and what a powerful group of individuals they are!

Next, the services of a professional search and recruiting firm were sought out to assure that our Executive Director search was thorough and reached out to every constituency possible. We’re excited to be working with Joe McCormack and Kevin Chase of McCormack & Associates, a 15 year old national provider of specialized executive search services, and among the first national search firms to specialize in diversity recruiting!

Now we are excited to present the Recruitment Profile which is intended to provide detailed information about the Soulforce Executive Director position and the candidates that we are seeking. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone who you believe would be interested in applying for the E.D. position. Information is included about how to contact McCormack & Associates in regard to this position.

The Board and Staff, and all of Soulforce, invite your ongoing support as we walk down this exciting new path in our work to end the religion-based and political oppression of LGBTQ people and to create a world where all are welcome and all are powerful and all are able to fully blossom as the special gifts that each of us are!

To view the Executive Director Recruitment Profile, click here.