David Kato Memorial at the United Nations

Dear all: 

A week ago, we witnessed the death of Ugandan Human Rights Defender David Kato – he was a  remarkable human rights activist with an inspiring story and so we want to remember him with thanksgiving, confession and a renewed commitment to the fact that every human being is entitled to safety and security under the law and when a law is created which refuses the living of life because of the prejudices of a populace, we’ve got to take a stand with the one who is refused that life.

We also know that the human rights he was determined to defend (the LGBT population) were of a population that  Christianity as well as other religions have condemned, and spread through colonialization even unto today.   This part of Uganda is especially influenced by an evangelical fervor against homosexuality.

Please come and reflect and renew our action together for the sake of all persons –  the elderly, the middle aged, the young adults, the youth and the children of the world…. in the Chapel at CCUN at noon on Wednesday.   

We hope to advise of the actions that are happening around this concern in the U.N. area and in the Churches (and perhaps other religions) at that service.

Thank you.

Chaplain, Church Center for the United Nations
777 United Nations Plaza, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
212-682-3633, ext. 3127

Download the flyer for the service