Maine Votes To Overturn Marriage Equality For LGBT People

Yesterday, voters in the state of Maine took away the right to marry from same-sex couples.  Soulforce Executive Director, Jeff Lutes, issued the following statement:

"Today our hearts go out to the LGBTQ people of Maine who have suffered a terrible set back.  We feel for them, for their children, and for family members, friends, and allies who are suffering with them.  In time, broken hearts will heal and the sadness will turn to focused outrage and a renewed passion for achieving full marriage equality in Maine, and in every state.  Justice has been delayed for now, but it will not be denied forever.  We must continue to educate people, resist the religion-based prejudice that leads directly to inequality, and hold our heads high.  Ultimately, we will be victorious."
To view a video created by Jeff last year after the Prop 8 decision, go to  The video is set to the song "Don’t Tell Me Who To Love" by Ray Boltz.


Religion-based Prejudice is the Maine Problem

Next week voters in Maine will decide to keep or repeal a law passed earlier this year that granted marriage equality to same-sex couples.  By all estimates, the vote will be extremely tight and those who stand for equality are not taking anything for granted.  Neither are those who support discrimination based on false religion.

The main opposition to marriage equality in Maine comes, not surprisingly, from the Roman Catholic Church, the National Organization for Marriage (a conservative Christian group that has financed horrifically deceptive television ads and misleading campaigns in several other states) and other such religious groups.  The New York Times reported yesterday that students from Brigham Young University (a frequent stop on the Soulforce Equality Ride) are volunteering for the campaign to repeal equality, and that it is quite possible same-sex couples in Maine could lose their newly gained right to marry.

Soulforce encourages everyone to support Protect Maine Equality as they work tirelessly in these final days of the campaign to insure that bigotry is defeated and fairness is upheld.

Soulforce is dedicated, more than ever, to nonviolently confronting religion-based prejudice and changing hearts and minds across the country – especially those within communities of faith.  In these difficult economic times we are counting on your loyal support and ask you to make a donation today to help us continue our critical work.