Marriage Equality On Hold In California

The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay on Judge Walker’s ruling which declared California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Marriages, which were expected to resume this week, are on hold until the appeal decisoin. The court, however, demanded Prop 8 supporters to supply evidence as to why their appeal should even be heard and not simply thrown out. SF Gate has more details.

Courage Campaign is collecting 1 million signatures in support of marriage equality. Add your name to the list and send the video to your friends & family to let them know that equality matters.

Marriages Resume in California

a rainbow flag in San Francisco BREAKING NEWS: Soulforce is pleased to join in celebrations of Judge Walker’s announcement that marriages between same gender couples may resume starting August 18, 2010. We believe in full equality for LGBTQ in all aspects of society and will continue to work to resist religious & political oppression, changing hearts and minds, as the case is appealed to higher courts. Be sure to read Rev. Gil Caldwell’s recent blog post "Prayers & Support for the resumption of same gender marriages in California".

Yahoo! News has more information from the Associate Press

Proposition 8 Decision Day: Unconstitutional

A minister from Middle Collegiate Church holds a sigin reading 'Middle Church for same-sex marriage'California was given a "do over" as the decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger was handed down, today, August 4 ( There are major implications for all of uswithin the LGBTQ & A community which we will address more thoroughly in a later alert. This notice is to help everyone understand what has happened in the past and what happened today. We want to acknowledge Chris Geidner, Washington, D.C. for his excellent comments regarding the context for today’s decision contained herein.

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